iMessage Features

iOS 11 was rolled out last year and it brought many new features along with several updates to iMessage. In this article we take a look at 7 great new iMessage features in iOS 11 for iPhone.

  1. New Screen Effects

As some users had expected, Apple did not bring better bubble effects in iMessage with iOS 11. However, thankfully, there are two really cool screen effects you will get to see in the updated iMessage. The very first effect is called Echo. When you use Echo in any iMessage the recipient of the message will be barraged with a lot of amazing looking bubbles around that particular message. And, if you wish to put more focus on a particular message, there is the second new effect you can use called Spotlight. Both these effects are pretty cool.

  1. App Drawer is More Intuitive

iOS 10 added an App Store to iMessage. With iOS 11 the same App Store has received a useful makeover. Now the App Store is far easier to use than before. The App Store looks more fluid now. The icon of the store has been placed right on the main screen of iMessage. With just one tap you can dive into the big, awesome world of iMessage apps. Also, you can see your recently used apps as well as the apps you have marked as favorite on the bottom.

  1. Use Apple Pay with iMessage

When Apple first introduced iOS 11, they did not offer Apple Pay functionality within iMessage. The users had to leave iMessage if they had to send the Apple Pay cash to someone. But, that’s not the story anymore. With iOS 11.2 rollout, You can send the money instantly to any user from within iMessage. The Apple Pay money can be used anywhere it is accepted. The money can also be transferred to a bank account. That’s pretty awesome I would say.

  1. Sharing Links with 3D Touch is Much Easier

If you had to share any link before, you would need to press and hold that link before the Copy option popped up. Now, you can 3D-Touch and send the link quickly. Simply 3D touch that URL you wish to share and just slide up. You will see the menu and the options to share the link. You can share the link in iMessage or any other external app, such as WhatsApp or Messenger.

  1. Muting Message Threads 

Apple has changed the nomenclature of ‘Do Not Disturb’ to ‘Hide Alerts’ in the new iOS 11. With this, the company has also made it easy to mute any message thread. Earlier, you had to tap the info icon on the top right in order to silence the thread. But now, you simply need to use the swipe menu, which is right there on the home screen. There is a shortcut there which you can use and mute the thread quickly. This saves you time. You don’t even have to open the thread and trigger the ‘Read’ receipt.

  1. Sharing is Also Easier

Sharing with iMessage has become even easier with iOS 11. For instance, if you have subscription for Apple Music and you want to make sure it is shared with your friends or family, just go to Settings and then tap on your Apple ID. You will see the option of Family Sharing. Just choose the apps you wish to share and that will be all. This feature also lets you share the iCloud account.

  1. Animojis

If you are using iPhone X, you will notice a new feature called Animojis. These are the emojis that are activated by the movement and expressions of your face. And, yes! It is exclusive to iPhone X at this time. This new feature also lets you record the sound and send it along with the visuals.

iOS 11 has made iMessage much better and there is no doubt about it. You have many new exciting features and services. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.