For the same $60 annual price, you now get just 1TB.

Amazon has officially killed the plan. Instead, you get a not-as-generous 1TB for the same price, and up to 30TB for an addition $60 per terabyte.

While Amazon’s new Drive plans are still competitive, many folks wedded to either Apple or Google ecosystems might find it easier to go with those firms, all else being equal. Unfortunately, Prime members don’t get any cloud benefits, other than unlimited photo storage.

The new storage pricing goes into effect today. But if you signed up for an unlimited plan earlier,you get to keep it for the full year. If you’re storing less than 1TB, you’ll be auto-renewed to the new plan since the price is the same. If you have more than that or turned auto-renew off, however, you’ll need to opt into a new plan on Amazon’s “manage storage” page.