You’ll just have to void your warranty and rip the screen off to get to them.

Apple revealed a fleet of new iMacs. Experts at iFixit have started taking them apart.

The first to go under the knife is the new 4K, 21.5-inch iMac. The iFixit team found a few surprises. The most notable is that the iMac’s RAM isn’t soldered directly to the motherboard. That means it is technically replaceable down the line. The new iMac actually has a “socketed” CPU that can also be replaced.

We need to be clear that these are not easy-to-access parts. You’ll need to pry the case apart and remove the screen entirely.

If you start tinkering with these parts, you’ll almost certainly void your warranty.

It’s good to know that if you pick up one of these iMacs and it starts to get sluggish a few years down the line. You’ll have options assuming you’re brave enough to pull the iMac’s screen off.