FidMe, A Shopping App Solution For Loyal Customers


If you shop at a store often, you probably have a loyalty card for that store. It is either miniature sized and attached to your keychain or credit card sized and in your wallet. But what happens when you collect so many loyalty cards that your keychain or wallet becomes bulky? FidMe is a shopping app solution to manage all your loyalty cards in one place. Simply scan them using the app and voila, all your cards are stored on your phone!

FidMe comes with many features including barcode recognition and advanced geolocation of stores. Here is a full list of the shopping app features:

  • Save over 3,000 loyatly cards to your phone in 14 languages
  • View you remaining points and vouchers in real time
  • Manage notifications for remaining points and vouchers
  • Receive special offers from your favorite brands
  • Manage your loyalty cards on

FidMe is constantly expanding its availability of loyalty programs. One drawback is that some location retailer loyalty cards may not be available on the app. In that case, you would have to hold on to that plastic card to use it. All in all, FidMe is a decent shopping app that saves you some time and hopefully some money.