Expectations of Apple products for 2017!!

iPhone 8
As a continuous series of Apple smartphones iPhone 8 will be the new series in 2017 and sure this new series will come with new features, As expected these new features will be for new design, different display resolution, more updated camera and sure more and more will be discovered soon.

iPad Air 3
It may be released in the first quarter of 2017, It may come with a new pencil.
At same time it should have some new features as 4K display resolution linked with 3D touch screen.
A 16 GB and 32 GB will be introduced to the market with expected price $600 for this iPad Air 3.

Apple Watch series 3
No uncertain News about releasing series 3 from the smart watches, but some reports from the California company about releasing it by September 2017.
The updated features will beĀ Global Positioning System, dual-core processor and water resistance, finding new front camera for video calls and selfies, more brighter display and anew model with more colors.

Apple Glasses
By going more through Virtual Reality technology after releasing PlayStation VR system and may releasing a Virtual Reality headset there are some news about releasing Apple Glasses as the Glass device released by Google before as a trial to be a competitor in this market in the future.

Air Pods
Many of Apple Fans are waiting for these Air pods to be released, this earphone will come by high quality, long battery life, turning on after only a single tab and Apple W1 chip which will gives it more better wireless connection and sound.