Google has cancelled plans for its much anticipated Google Pixel XL sequel…

Based on information from three separate sources. We are now confident that Google has shelved plans to release one of its upcoming Pixel phones. The device named ‘muskie’.

Google is working on three new Pixel 2 smartphones with the codenames walleye, muskie and taimen and this would mean two models still remain. Google likes to use fish as names.

Muskies grow up to 17kg / 38lbs. walleyes grow up to 11kg / 24lbs and taimen can be over 100kg (220 lbs).

Google has moved from HTC to LG to manufacture this year’s new Pixels and the 5.7-inch LG G6 is only fractionally bigger and heavier than the 5.3-inch LG G5 and lighter and smaller than the 5.5-inch Pixel XL. So the signs are Google could go big without necessarily creating a physically huge phone.