Hicurdismos is the newest virus hitting Microsoft Windows, So What? Windows have been always a target for most modern malware however this new malware is actually faking BSoD (Blue Screen of Death), yea it is that lovely blue screen you see when your computer hang or just refuse to cooperate 🙂

But wait minute, why on earth would someone spend anytime to create such thing, well the fake BSoD is very simialr to the orginal one of Window 8, Windows 10 with only one excpetion the support center number. its fake one too.

And when you call them to fix your problem they will probably ask for little tip in return is it clear now.

So how do you get infected with such Hicurdismos thing, this malware fools you to think it is Microsoft Security Essential software, but to your surprise Windows 8 and Windows 10 come preloaded with Windows Defender enabled, so there’s really any need for to install Security Essentials.

Also one more tip for your if you really wants to install some security software on your PC, please instal it from trusted sources, and if you got message like the one below ;you should really think twice before hitting that Run button


but if you run it you may end up with a lovely BSoD, and a request to pay little money to fix it , be aware you have been warned.