Apple just launched its newest MacBook Pro,and guys at OWC have already tore it apart for you to watch 🙂 kind like my old days hobby.

So aside from the usual secure sealing of its hardware, This MacBook Pro or let’s be more specific the entry level 13″ one. actually have a replaceable SSD drive.

which means you can upgrade it ? but hold on this won’t be an easy ride. you have to remove lots of parts just to find the SSD. since this won’t be easy for most people to do at home , but I believe some thrid party upgrades companies will help you.

Guys at OWC only got the 13″ version, so they can’t confirm if the higher models of the new MacBook Pro also comes with the “replaceable SSD” or not.

but that won’t stop us enjoying the teardown of the new MacBook Pro , enjoy