The very definition of power, that what Apple always says about Macbook Pro series. So how about the MacBook pro 2016 ? well with the anticipated usage of the 7th generation of Intel core i5 and i7, this thing is going to be a true beast !

but Apple doesn’t just build powerful machines, it also make them beautiful ones and this one is not an exception, with its mini OLED screen above the keyboard to replace the “old” functions keys. packaged in even slimmer aluminum chassis around 20% thinner than 2015 models.

Other notable change is the intorduction of Touch ID sensor which expected to come integrated into the power button, so you can just power it on and authenticate with single touch.

on the fun side, the Macbook Pro 2016 will comes with AMD’s Polaris 11 GPU graphics cards and the best speakers (as in 2015) giving you the gaming  experience you could expect of such machine.

the good news is, you won’t have to wait for long to get it? yup Apple may announce it on Oct 24.

so Macbook Pro fans get your self ready, the countdown is on !