The recent times, have witnessed every human having a smart phone and enjoying the era of taking pictures. There are hundreds of special moments clicked at any given function, and a lot of time is wasted in sorting, and arranging hundreds of pictures over the time. Rather than selecting, Microsoft users can share pictures on social media without much time wastage now.

Microsoft has recently released a photo app called Photo Story app for its windows 8.1 phone (also for windows 10). This app is a product of Microsoft Garage, which arranges the best photos together of an event and features a theme video . The users can even customize the album.

Suppose, if you have clicked around 200 photos, the app would not choose 5 or 10 photos. It would also not choose too many photos so that it turns difficult to share.

As per the Microsoft, the app uses machine learning and computer vision to select the photos. This is kind of similar to the photo app launched by Google in May earlier this year.

Another interesting feature of the app is that it cuts photo uploading and downloading  time. This is because it does all the processing on the phone device itself. The app also supports voice commands from Cortera, which can be downloaded from the Windows store. Cortera is Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant, for example, if you say Stories from yesterday, it would sort all the photos taken yesterday and feature it in a theme video.

The app would get better over the time, as it cannot really distinguish between the clear and blurred images; rather it looks for interesting photos.