“Whether you’re a sucker for clickbait, a social media junkie, or a tab hoarder, it’s easier than ever to fall into a distraction trance” , That What KickMe description page says on kickstarter!

KickMe is a new voice activated app that will just kick off everything from your way “on screen” of course, to get your sh*t done 🙂 actually that what they also say they can

KickMe can help you:

  • Refocus and refresh: think of KickMe as your personal, on-demand, digital retreat. Get clarity when you need it the most, so you can get back to doing what matters.
  • Save time: KickMe disrupts procrastination so you have more of life’s most precious currency, time.
  • Protect your mental health: procrastination can take a heavy toll on your mental health if not acknowledged and acted upon. Use KickMe to take apart bad habits piece-by-piece, becoming mindful in the process of your behavior.
  • Get sh*t done: no excuses. Confront yourself with the toughest version of you. Old you vs. new you. Let’s do this

Still can’t get the idea of . let this short video tells you more about KickMe


Liked the idea now, you can share some of your love and maybe your money to their Kickstarter campaign to see it coming to life

So help them to help you getting back your lost 218 min a day, 55 days a year !