Apple announced its newest Macbook Pro today. while from first look may look somewhat very similar to its old ancestor. the new Macbook Pro is truly re-designed as it is has got thinner (just the case like everything being announced nowdays)

you got 17% off the size of the 13″ version and 14% off the size of the 15″ version. and not just that you got very impressive OLED touch bar looking so cool and so useful providing so much personalized funcitons (based on the launched app) and your personal favor just at your finger tips.

Here’s few pictures giving you idea about the new touch bar

MacBook Pro snip20161027_6 snip20161027_7 snip20161027_8

so what about the inside? 
MacBook Pro

So How do this compare to last models ?

macbook pro

Pretty impressive 🙂

Here come’s the most important question, How much does it cost?

you get 3 different models to choose from:

  • MacBook 15-inch with Touch Bar begins at $2,399.
  • MacBook 13-inch with Touch Bar starts at $1,799.
  • MacBook 13-inch without Touch Bar starts at $1,499.

you can order your new MacBook Pro as of today, but you won’t be getting those but untill couple of weeks later.