That what happens when Porsche touches anything, it just drives it to its limits and that exactly what makes the Huawei Mate 9 sells at $1,500.

The Mate 9 is another big phablet with 5.9″ screen, so big screen means big things under the hood, you got 8 Cores Kirin 960, with 4GB of RAM and 64GB ROM. don’t know why all phones are becoming more and more like PCs. and if there’s one thing you can have with the phone but note with the iPhone is the dual SIM feature.

but there’s cool trick where you can swap the the additional SIM for microSD up to 256 GB. which is quite massive storage even if your are selfie manic.

Huwaei knows how much you will love your phone and want to you use it day and night, so you got 4000 mAh battery, that can gives you two days of juice.

and not to worry about how long will it take to charge such monster battery, it only take 30 mins to charge around 58%. to give you an idea how fast is that its 400 times faster than iPhone 7 plus.

so what about this Porsche design thing. well you wil get 5.5″ screen bit smaller than the ordinary Mate 9. but your resolution will be 2k. on the inside its pretty the same thing.

so if you have $1,500 you can get your hands over one of the Porsche design versions if not. then you can pay as less as $775 for the ordinary version.