The Market is flooded with lot of wearable devices which track our daily activities. Lot of smartphones have also launched apps which perform the same function as the wearable device using the sensors attached to the smartphones. Samsung also launched a wellbeing app on Google Play earlier this year, limited to Samsung Galaxy devices.

The S Health app was launched by South Korean manufacturer Samsung to all Samsung smartphones. But now Samsung has offered S health app support to non –Samsung Android smartphones.

S Health can be downloaded from the Google Play on any Android device running Android 4.4 Kitkat and above. So if you have an Android phone from HTC, Motorola, or even Xiomi, you would be able to download the app on your smartphone provided it has the supported version of Android.

S health is a fitness app that primarily tracks the activities and monitors your steps. It also offers programs to pound the streets and reach goals. If you have a phone capable of recording heart-rate monitors and blood oxygen measurements, it can do that as well.  It also connects through third party apps and devices.

Few days back, Samsung even made an announcement that its gear S2 smart watch would be available to all non-Samsung Android devices as well.

S Health has also offered an update to the existing users in Korea, US and UK, where in the app adds health tips to the dashboard.

This could be a strong move of Samsung to thrive competition against Apple smartphones and gears.