As you may know today was the big day for Microsoft, announcing its Surface Studio to the world, We have already told you Microsoft was building that gigantic surface.

and indeed we were true, the Surface Studio have 28″ PixelSense display, the most thinnest ever (according to Microsoft not us 🙂 ). Asking what is PixelSense well it’s:

“Microsoft PixelSense is an interactive surface computing platform that allows one or more people to use and touch real-world objects, and share digital content at the same time. The PixelSense platform consists of software and hardware products that combine vision based multitouch PC hardware, 360-degree multiuser application design, and Windows software to create a natural user interface” hope it is clear right now.
so a gigantic screen will need superb performence to back it up right. you will get up to 4TB of storage, and up to 32GB of RAM, NVIDIA GPU and integrated 2.1 speakers.
also to make things way smoother for you and more interactive you got Surface Dial which is very nifty accessory, it even will revel a dial of colors to choose from while drawing, also you can use it to quickly scrool, zoom in or out while editing videos/audios projects.
Surface Studio
You can pre-order it now with price starting at $2,999 only 🙂 well quality comes at price you know.
So do you think this will have any impact on iMac sales?