WhatsApp status is new tab featured in the beta Android version, though the name may be abit misleading, this new tab will not replace the old “status” but it is actually new way to communicate with your friends and rest of the world.

The status tab will allow you to share pictures and videos with your own personalization either words or emoji, and guess what those content will disappear in just 24 hours. mmm there is one app that jump to my head when you said disappear ? if you said Snapchat then you are absolutely right.


There’s isn’t way to delete the “status” content after being shared or prevent it from being deleted in 24 hours time. you can choose which contact to get status update notifications from.

This new tab was discovered by BGR India which says this “tab” is only available to public beta testers. asking why FacebookWhatsApp” is testing such feature , it is maybe due to 10 billion video view were reported by Snapchat. since Facebook wants more profits from videos ads.

I really don’t know but WhatsApp has always promised their users, there will be no ads on their platform will they keep it that way or Facebook will start pushing to make money out from their new asset?